1/ Special counsel Jack Smith asked a federal judge to place Trump under a protective order after Trump posted a message to his social media platform saying: “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!” Prosecutors said Trump’s post “specifically or by implication” referenced those involved in his criminal case, which “could have a harmful chilling effect on witnesses.” Prosecutors also raised concerns that Trump might improperly share evidence in the case on his social media account. The message was posted hours after Trump swore in court that he would not attempt to intimidate witnesses. A protective order would limit what Trump could publicly say about the case. Trump, meanwhile, asked for narrower limits on the protective order, arguing that “the government seeks to restrict First Amendment rights.” (Axios / NBC News / The Hill / Politico / ABC News / CNN)

2/ Trump attacked special counsel Jack Smith and the judge assigned to oversee his election conspiracy case, posting to his social media platform that “Deranged Jack Smith is going before his number one draft pick, the Judge of his ‘dreams’ (WHO MUST BE RECUSED!), in an attempt to take away my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS — This, despite the fact that he, the DOJ, and his many Thug prosecutors, are illegally leaking, everything and anything, to the Fake News Media!!!” Trump also posted a message calling for Judge Tanya Chutkan’s recusal and that he was seeking a venue change, saying it was “on very powerful grounds” but didn’t elaborate. Hours later, Trump’s attorney publicly walked back the plan, saying Trump was speaking with a “layman’s political sense.” (NBC News / Politico / New York Times)

3/ A federal judge dismissed Trump’s defamation counterclaim against E. Jean Carroll, who won a $5 million verdict against him for sexual abuse and defamation earlier this year. In June, Trump filed his counterclaim against Carroll, alleging she defamed him by saying he’d raped her. Jurors in the case didn’t find that Trump had raped her. Under New York law, rape is defined as forcible penetration with the penis. In his ruling, Judge Lewis Kaplan noted that Carroll’s statements were “substantially true” and dismissed Trump’s counterclaim. (NBC News / CNN / CNBC)

poll/ 51% of Americans believe Trump tried to stay in office beyond his term through illegal and unconstitutional means, while 29% believe Trump tried to stay in office by legal means, and 20% don’t believe Trump planned to stay in office at all. (CBS News)

poll/ 59% of Americans think the multiple indictments and investigations against Trump are an effort to stop his 2024 campaign. Among Republicans, 86% say the indictments and investigations are an effort to stop Trump’s 2024 campaign. (CBS News)

poll/ 69% of Republicans say Biden’s win was not legitimate – up from 63% earlier this year. Overall, 61% of Americans say Biden legitimately won the presidency, while 38% believe that he did not. (CNN)