1/ New intelligence reports indicate Russia is making fresh efforts to interfere in the 2022 election. The Biden administration is receiving regular intelligence reports indicating Russian efforts to interfere in US elections are evolving and ongoing, current and former officials say, and in fact, never stopped, despite President Joe Biden’s warnings to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the summer and a new round of sanctions imposed in the spring. (CNN)

2/ The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to Indiana University’s vaccination requirement. Eight students asked the court for an emergency order, arguing that the risks of vaccination outweigh potential benefits for those in their age group. (NBC News)

3/ The U.S. reported nearly 1 million vaccinations in the past day, the most since early July. About 918,000 were administered on Friday, according to Cyrus Shapar, the White House’s COVID-19 data director. The number includes 576,000 people getting their first dose of the vaccine. (The Hill)

4/ The Former U.S. attorney in Atlanta says Trump wanted to fire him for not backing his election fraud claims. Byung J. Pak, who resigned abruptly on Jan. 4, told senators on Wednesday that he had done so after learning that the president planned to fire him, according to a person familiar with his testimony. (New York Times)

5/ Nine House moderates say they won’t back a budget vote until the infrastructure bill passes. The letter from nine Democrats, enough to block passage, threatens their party’s two-track plan to pass both a $3.5 trillion social policy budget blueprint and an infrastructure bill. (New York Times)