1/ Democrats won a special election and flipped George Santos’ seat in the House. Tom Suozzi defeated Republican Mazi Pilip to take the seat vacated by Santos, who was indicted on a charge of fraud and then expelled from Congress. When Suozzi is sworn in, Republicans will control 219 seats and Democrats will control 213 – meaning Republicans will only be able to lose two votes to pass legislation on party-line votes if all members are present and voting. After New York’s 3rd district flipped from red to blue, Santos texted a group chat with the top New York Republicans in the House: “I hope you guys are happy with this dismal performance and your 10 million for futile Bull Shit cost the party. I look very forward to most of you losing due to your absolute hate filled campaign to remove me from Congress arbitrarily. Now go tell the Republicans Base what you fucking idiots did and good luck raising money next quarter.” (Associated Press / Washington Post / Politico / New York Times / CNN / Daily Beast / Semafor)

2/ House Republicans voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on their second try by a single vote. The vote was 214-213, with three Republicans voting against the impeachment, which alleges that Mayorkas intentionally violated federal immigration laws and blocked congressional oversight of the Department of Homeland Security. Mayorkas is the first cabinet member to be impeached since William Belknap, secretary of war under Ulysses S. Grant, in 1876. Mayorkas is all but certain to be acquitted by the Democratic-led Senate. (New York Times / Washington Post / Axios / CNN / Associated Press / NPR / NBC News)

3/ The head of the House Intelligence Committee warned of a “serious national security threat” and called on Biden to “declassify all information” related to it. While Mike Turner did not provide additional public details, the threat is reportedly related to Russia wanting to put a nuclear weapon into space. Multiple sources familiar with the intelligence characterized it as “very sensitive,” “highly concerning and destabilizing.” Officials also said the capability was still under development, and Russia had not deployed it, yet. In an email to members of Congress, Turner said his committee had “identified an urgent matter with regard to a destabilizing foreign military capability” that should be known by all lawmakers. He encouraged them to come to a SCIF to review the intelligence. Biden was made aware of the threat last week and directed national security adviser Jake Sullivan to offer a briefing to senior lawmakers. The top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee said the classified information is “significant,” but “not a cause for panic.” White House officials also confirmed that the matter is “serious” but that there are ways to “contain” the threat without triggering mass panic. And, House Speaker Mike Johnson added: “We just want to assure everyone, steady hands are at the wheel. We’re working on it and there’s no need for alarm.” Johnson, nevertheless, announced the House would start its two-week recess early. Members return on Feb. 28 and a partial government shutdown is scheduled to begin Mar. 1. (NBC News / Washington Post / Politico / ABC News / New York Times / CNN / The Guardian / Associated Press / CBS News)