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Day 1078: "Of course."

Day 1079: "The fate of our democracy."

Day 1080: "A scandal."

Day 1084: "Fair notice."

Day 1085: "Trump doesn’t give a damn about people."

Day 1086: "Irrelevant matters."

Day 1087: "One of the greatest shows of hypocrisy in history."

Day 1092: "The situation sucks."

Day 1093: "Loudly saying things that are false."

Day 1094: "Cascading failures."

Day 1098: "A total failure to launch."

Day 1099: "An atmosphere of fear."

Day 1100: "Disruptive consequences."

Day 1101: "The nominee."

Day 1105: "Something Donald Trump hates."

Day 1106: "That's absurd."

Day 1107: "A holy war."

Day 1108: "This is a dangerous moment."

Day 1112: "Playing politics."

Day 1113: "Show some spine."

Day 1114: "Delusional."

Day 1115: "A good first step."

Day 1119: "Appalling and unhinged."

Day 1120: "It will be devastating."

Day 1121: "Destabilizing."

Day 1122: "Unprecedented stress."

Day 1127: "Wishful and irresponsible."

Day 1128: "The type of chaos that we expected."

Day 1129: "That's unfortunate."

Day 1133: "Clarifying."

Day 1134: "You can't do both."

Day 1135: "Bait."

Day 1136: "Posed a threat."

Day 1140: "Such chaos."

Day 1141: "The situation is simply intolerable."

Day 1142: "Earn the votes."

Day 1143: "We're not waiting."

Day 1147: "Not on my watch."

Day 1148: "Requisite intent."

Day 1149: "Lack of detail."

Day 1150: "Serious consideration."

Day 1154: "A practical impossibility."

Day 1155: "Further chaos."

Day 1156: "Historic progress."

Day 1157: "Enough is enough."

Day 1161: "A bit surprising and unfortunate."

Day 1162: "Sufficient risk."

Day 1163: "A clear message."

Day 1164: "The ideal must bend to the practical."

Day 1168: "Outrageous and abhorrent."

Day 1169: "This happens in war."

Day 1170: "Fundamentally flawed."

Day 1171: "There will be a change."

Day 1175: "The cruelty and the chaos."

Day 1176: "The extreme agenda."

Day 1177: "Out of step."

Day 1178: "No guarantee."

Day 1182: "Take the win."

Day 1183: "A clusterfuck."

Day 1184: "Make our own decisions."

Day 1185: "Annoyance."