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Day 349: "A symptom of a broader illness."

Day 350: "The stakes are high."

Day 351: "Follow the facts."

Day 352: "A perpetual state of emergency."

Day 356: "By a clear margin."

Day 357: "This is the moment."

Day 358: "It's hard to process what's actually happening right now."

Day 359: "Doomed to fail."

Day 364: "We're going to vote."

Day 365: "A great misleading of the American people."

Day 366: "Profoundly disappointed."

Day 370: "Massive consequences."

Day 371: "Profound concern."

Day 372: "The ball is in their court."

Day 373: "Little optimism."

Day 377: "Alarming."

Day 378: "Dead."

Day 379: "Ambitious but doable."

Day 380: "Amateur hour."

Day 384: "Legitimate political discourse."

Day 385: "A disservice."

Day 386: "A new phase."

Day 387: "On fire."

Day 391: "On the edge of a precipice."

Day 392: "Clear and present risk."

Day 393: "Give people a break."

Day 394: "Hysteria."

Day 399: "Share the pain."

Day 400: "Ready to go."

Day 401: "Consequences you have never seen in history."

Day 405: "Not satisfactory."

Day 406: "Let history so note."

Day 407: "Badly miscalculated."

Day 408: "A criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States."

Day 412: "Tipping point."

Day 413: "It's going to cost us as well."

Day 414: "We must continue to fight."

Day 415: "Preposterous."

Day 419: "Fabrication of lies."

Day 420: "Not a close call."

Day 421: "Do more."

Day 422: "Consequences and implications."

Day 426: "Civility and grace."

Day 427: "Sickening and egregious."

Day 428: "Saber rattling."

Day 429: "What will stop him."

Day 433: "The illegality was obvious."

Day 434: "Do your job."

Day 435: "The Achilles' heel of autocracies."

Day 436: "Fairly significantly."

Day 440: "It’s now or never."

Day 441: "The height of hypocrisy."

Day 442: "Outraged by the atrocities."

Day 443: "A more perfect union."

Day 447: "We control them all."

Day 448: "Deeply concerning."

Day 449: "Fundamental changes."

Day 450: "Strange."

Day 454: "We must prepare for that​."

Day 455: "A whirlpool of colliding interests."

Day 456: "Food for thought."

Day 457: "A critical window."

Day 461: "Get organized."

Day 462: "Bluster."

Day 463: "Last chance."

Day 464: "A small price to pay."

Day 468: "Strain."

Day 469: "An egregious breach of trust."

Day 470: "Not going to be easy."

Day 471: "Appropriate next steps."

Day 475: "Serious risk."

Day 476: "The bottom line."

Day 477: "Failure."

Day 478: "Headlines and sensationalization."

Day 497: "Critically important work."

Day 498: "Massive failure."

Day 499: "Common sense."

Day 503: "Delivering for the American people."

Day 504: "Heightened threat environment."

Day 505: "Transparent."

Day 506: "Strategy to subvert the election."

Day 511: "Never been more optimistic."

Day 512: "Substantial."

Day 513: "A heated fight."

Day 518: "A direct and personal role."

Day 519: "Breathing room."

Day 520: "Substantial misconduct."

Day 521: "We dissent."

Day 524: "Bedrock constitutional principles."

Day 525: "Real, real bad."

Day 526: "A better justification."

Day 527: "Running out of options."

Day 532: "People are gonna be shocked."

Day 533: "Broken."

Day 534: "Entrenched."

Day 538: "Out of control."

Day 539: "In no uncertain terms."

Day 540: "Everything is in play."

Day 541: "We're gathering evidence."

Day 545: "We're all going to die."

Day 546: "Climate crisis."

Day 547: "An emergency."

Day 548: "Folks, I'm doing great."

Day 552: "Moment of truth."

Day 553: "Kind of wild."

Day 554: "Deceitful."

Day 555: "Get it done."

Day 559: "Playing with fire."

Day 560: "Morale, welfare, and recreation."

Day 561: "America can breathe a sigh of relief."

Day 562: "Breonna Taylor should be alive today."

Day 566: "The Senate is making history."

Day 567: "Another day in paradise."

Day 568: "Absolutely no choice."

Day 569: "Deplorable and dangerous."

Day 573: "Extraordinary impacts."

Day 574: "Never had a doubt."

Day 575: "Now the real work begins."

Day 576: "Brain fog."

Day 580: "Reliable."

Day 581: "Mine."

Day 582: "A tsunami."

Day 583: "Obstructive acts."

Day 587: "A lot of classified records."

Day 588: "The minimal solution."

Day 589: "Very disturbing."

Day 590: "Sufficient basis."

Day 595: "The appearance of fairness and integrity."

Day 596: "Dignity."

Day 597: "Until the job is done."

Day 601: "The burden."

Day 602: "Out of step."

Day 603: "It's all changing."

Day 604: "Big problems."

Day 608: "The pandemic is over?"

Day 609: "A brazen scheme of staggering proportions."

Day 610: "Numerous acts of fraud."

Day 611: "Thinking about it."

Day 615: "We've made that very clear."

Day 616: "Unprecedented."

Day 617: "Obscene."

Day 618: "A work in progress."

Day 622: "By whatever means necessary."

Day 623: "We must change course."

Day 624: "Shortsighted."

Day 625: "Historic fragility."

Day 630: "The worst is yet to come."

Day 631: "Inexcusable."

Day 632: "A question about accountability."

Day 636: "A game changer."

Day 637: "Where's the beef?"

Day 638: "A conspiracy to defraud the United States."

Day 639: "Democracy is working well."

Day 643: "Appalling and unacceptable."

Day 644: "Serious mistake."

Day 645: "More bad news for the planet."

Day 646: "The great stagnation."

Day 650: "Hellscape."

Day 651: "Mega-MAGA."

Day 652: "The path to chaos."

Day 653: "A defining moment."

Day 657: "Chronicle of chaos."

Day 658: "The things Americans value most are at risk."

Day 659: "A good day for democracy."

Day 660: "Not at all angry."

Day 664: "Simply by saying so."

Day 665: "Managing risk."

Day 666: "The gravest threat to our civilization."

Day 667: "A new generation of leaders."

Day 671: "Bad things."

Day 672: "Quickly approaching the end."

Day 678: "Persistent and lethal."

Day 679: "Today is a very good day."

Day 680: "Until the job is done."

Day 681: "A complete doomsday scenario."

Day 685: "Sensitive and high-profile."

Day 686: "A culture of fraud and deception."

Day 687: "Big consequences."

Day 688: "Hope and dignity."

Day 692: "Chaos."

Day 693: "Point of no return."

Day 694: "That time is now."

Day 695: "Clear and convincing."

Day 699: "This can never happen again."

Day 700: "A new political weapon."

Day 701: "Asleep at the wheel."

Day 708: "A cruel, dangerous, and shameful stunt."